Why you need to go to Georgia

Perfect adventure destination

Thanks to diverse landscape Georgia can be a great destination for adventure lovers.

You can go skiing here in Gudauri, climb Mt. Kazbek (5047 meters above the sea level), go horseback riding in numerous valleys or paragliding in Caucasus mountains.

Even such a random thing like riding a cable car can be thrilling when you do it in Chiatura where cars remember 1950s and are called “moving coffins”.

Don’t forget about Georgian drivers who are a bit crazy and you say good bye to your life every second marshrutka ride.

Georgia is full of adventures!

Interesting monuments

Georgia might not be too big on monuments (minus churches but more about them later) but those you can find around are surely impressive.

Some of the best monuments in Georgia include fortresses (like the one in Tbilisi or Gori) and castles (Ananuri, Rabati) as well as incredible cave towns like Uplistsikhe or Vardzia.

There are also some random monuments in the middle of nowhere – when you travel to Kazbegi you will spot on your left side a concrete monument of Georgian-Russian friendship that is located in the most random place ever, on the side of the road, surrounded by beautiful Caucasus mountains.


Georgia is the second country in the world, after Armenia, that took Christianity as a state religion, in the 4th century.

All over the country you will find beautiful and one of a kind churches, some of them as old as from the 6th century (like the one in Mtskheta, the “holy city” of Georgia).

Georgian monasteries have a distinctive shape, you will recognize them everywhere (only Armenian churches are very similar but more round) with their raw architecture.

However as soon as you go inside your jaw might drop a bit after seeing the beautiful old paintings. If you’re lucky you can even witness a magical play of light pouring in through the small windows.

Georgia is safe

I remember how afraid I was of visiting Georgia prior my first trip – already on my first day I learned that there is nothing really to worry about, it’s just a regular country and besides using common sense like everywhere else there are no extra safety precautions you should take.

Of course crime happens there, like in numerous other places around the world, but if you’re worrying about Georgia safety you can stop now.

The biggest risk there is travelling around as Georgian drivers are just crazy!

Affordable prices

The good thing about traveling to Georgia is that it won’t drain your wallet.

Everything is very affordable in comparison to Western European standards.

1 lari is currently around $0,38 or €0,33.

To give you some examples of prices: marshrutka from Kutaisi city to Tbilisi is 10 lari for over 3 hours journey (230kms), metro ride in Tbilisi costs 0,50 lari, you can get khachapuri in the bakery for 2-3 lari, lunch for even as little as 10-15 lari and a decent accommodation for 50 lari/night.

If you’re looking for a low-cost destination that offers good standard for little price Georgia is your answer!

Visit Georgia before it’s too late

Even if there are more and more tourists visiting Georgia each year (it was on the fourth place of the UNWTO’s 2018 list of fastest growing tourism destinations) the country still is a bit undiscovered.

While most of the tourists focus on the highlights and visit Georgia in the summer time you should travel there in the off season when everything is much calmer and nicer.

It’s a matter of time when tourists will really overflow Georgia and the country will change forever so now is the best time to go, before it’s too late!