The most amazing places in Georgia


Uplistsikhe is located in eastern Georgia, about 100 km from Tbilisi. It literally means “Lord’s Fortress” and it’s an abandoned rock-hewn town that is more than 3000 years old. It was founded around 1000 BC and was continuously inhabited until the 13th century AD. At one point Uplistsikhe even had 20000 inhabitants!

Lagodekhi Protected Areas

Located at the tripoint of Georgia’s Kakheti region, Azerbaijan and Dagestan (Russia), the Lagodekhi Protected Areas cover 24,000-hectares of pristine forest and prime hiking territory.

Batumi's Black Sea Coast

Not in a religious mood and aren't a mountain person? Not to worry. Though relatively short in length, Georgia's Black Sea coast is idyllic, and the city of Batumi has some lovely beaches to visit.

The best things to do in Georgia


There´s no shortage of churches in Tbilisi or Georgia; you will never be far from one. The one you will see the most is the huge Holy Trinity Cathedral of Tbilisi or locally known as “Sameba”. The construction of Cathedral was only completed back in 2004, so it doesn’t offer the same amount of history as most of the other churches in Tbilisi.

Go to Uplistsikhe

One of the most unique places to see in Georgia, Europe, Uplistsikhe is one of the country’s most extraordinary cave cities. Also known to be Georgia’s oldest complex of natural caves, feel like an explorer as you discover Uplistsikhe’s stunning rock-hewn cellars, tunnels, places of sacrifice, and more. This is surely one of the best Georgia tourist spots!

Paragliding in Georgia

Paragliding in the stunning scenery of Georgia is one of the most coveted adventure activities to indulge in the country. It’s pristine landscape filled with snowy mountains, green farmlands and beautiful rivers is certainly best savoured with a bird’s eye view while enjoying paragliding, the perfect outdoor adventure in the country.

How to spend time in Georgia

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    Go on camping

    If you are a camping fan, then you’ll love Georgia, as the country has no restrictions on where to put up your tent. However, do note that if you want those beautiful views of nature, you’re going to need to do some serious hiking.

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    Bath district

    Are you interested in antiquity? There is a long street dedicated to historical and antique objects in Tbilisi. Apart from selling various antique products, you can look around for paintings exhibited on the street. The place is called “dry bridge”.

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    Trek in the Caucasian Mountains

    You’ll feel a bit like Marco Polo crossing the famous Silk Road when you set out for your trek through the Georgian countryside. With soaring mountain peaks, expansive farmland, and lush forests broken up by tiny but welcoming villages, Georgia is probably one of the most underrated trekking destinations in the world.

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There is always something mysterious, adventurous, and fascinating about visiting a lesser-known tourist destination! Set out on an offbeat path and visit Georgia, a magical country nestled between the magnificent Caucasus Mountains and the Black Sea. Packed with charming towns, mouth-watering cuisine, world-famous wine, extraordinary historical landmarks, beautiful churches, and monasteries, there are endless things to do in Georgia, Europe.

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